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FactoryTalk Optix



FactoryTalk Optix

FactoryTalk Optix is a cloud-enabled HMI platform that enables design, test and deployment of applications directly from a web browser, connecting through FactoryTalk Hub. This modular platform delivers new options for design, deployment and graphics design, with extensibility options that make it flexible enough for any application.

FactoryTalk Optix is truly visualization for visionaries. An open, extensible architecture, along with responsive graphics, version control, C# scripting, remote application management, and full integration with the OPC UA specification make FactoryTalk Optix a solution flexible enough for any application. Develop projects with a local editor or with a web browser connected to FactoryTalk Hub, and purchase and deploy "just enough" to satisfy any application needs.

  • Studio 5000のサポートを含む
  • RSLogix
  • Studioを表示(一時的なアクティベーションへのアクセスを含む)