If you have any questions about your agreement or need assistance placing an order please email: ra-sw-escalations@ra.rockwell.com.
Q: How do I update my Country/Currency?
Please click here to fill out the form and Rockwell team will update it for you.
Q: How do I get a quotation for sale on these subscription offerings?
Either you or your sales contact can create a budgetary quotation in the portal by selecting Quotation Only in the checkout process. This will prepare a quotation document that can be email or used in a proposal. If you create a quotation in the portal you will be able to convert it to an order directly from the My Subscriptions page.
Q: What kind of technical support is associated with my subscription?
Standard 8-to-5, Monday-to-Friday technical support is included as part of every subscription. Additional options and details may be associated with specific subscription products.
Q: Are there any additional steps required to register my subscription software?
All software orders are created in the portal under the subscription purchaser’s identity, so no additional registration is required.
Q: Are there any Terms and Conditions of sale with this type of purchase?
Payment terms for orders through Rockwell Automation directly follow the standard terms and conditions for sale in our Legal Notices section. Payment terms for orders placed through distributors are made directly with the respective distributor. Supplemental terms and conditions accepted in the portal are licensing terms associated with the end user licensing agreement for software regardless of payment type.
Q: Will my distributor be notified about subscriptions created in this portal?
Your authorized distributor (based on your Ship To Address) will be automatically notified of all subscriptions created in the portal and is available to assist you throughout the subscription lifecycle.