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Available Software Bundles

The Connected Enterprise™

As a global community, we are all facing unprecedented challenges related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

On an almost daily basis, government health organizations are issuing new recommendations on how companies can ensure the health and safety of employees, customers, and partners. Among the many recommendations from government health organizations for the workplace, including the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is to maintain social distance from fellow employees.

Adapting to a new way of working remotely can be challenging for manufacturing companies, many of which have globally-distributed employee populations, supply chains, and customer bases. The challenge can be especially acute when special expertise is needed to carry out specific on-site tasks – such as operating or repairing complex machinery.

PTC has a remote assistance product, called Vuforia Chalk, that leverages Augmented Reality to connect offsite and on-site employees for the purpose of collaborative operation, maintenance, and repair of products of all kinds. It’s like Facetime for industrial environments and, it’s as easy to set up and use. In this environment, if your company is struggling to find a way to deliver expert guidance or training on your products to your remote service technicians or even to your customers directly, we would like to help.

In short, if this kind of technology can help you in this time of need, we genuinely encourage you use it. Until the crisis is under control, Chalk will be offered for free with no obligations. We see this as a small gesture to help during this unprecedented time.

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FactoryTalk® Analytics™ is the Rockwell Automation solution that enables scalable analytics across the value chain, from Edge to Enterprise. It provides tools for configuring data ingestion for a variety of data types, enabling advanced analytics capabilities such as Machine Learning and data mash-ups in a self-service user experience for collaborative data analysis.
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Simplify standalone machine development for multiple industries with the Connected Components Workbench™ software. As part of our Integrated Architecture® system, Connected Components Workbench software provides device configuration, controller programming, and integration with Human Machine Interface (HMI) editor. This software helps reduce initial machine development time and cost.

Connected Components Workbench™ Standard Edition software: common, easy-to-use configuration and programming tool for a Rockwell Automation® Micro Control system. Includes demo version of Micro800™ Simulator and requires no activation. Standard technical support is included. Download the free Standard Edition

Connected Components Workbench™ Developer Edition software: Standard plus additional features including full version of Micro800™ Simulator and Archive Manager, as well as extensive Micro800™ controller programming capabilities for an enhanced user experience. Requires activation. Standard technical support is included with an option for after hours 24x7 support.

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FactoryTalk® Analytics for Devices is an all-in-one approach to finding and reducing operational and maintenance issues. With a simple set-up, and a modern and natural interface, users are able to start identifying issues within about 5 minutes of connecting the appliance to their automation network. New and enhanced analytics are delivered regularly through a seamless synchronization approach that makes it easy to stay on top of what’s happening in an industrial environment.

FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices is an information appliance that can be deployed inside an automation network to automatically discover and analyze problems with devices that are a part of the operation. All you need is power and an Ethernet network, with one or more Ethernet/IP devices on it. Powered by embedded analytic technology and Aware Automation™, and enhanced with Shelby, a friendly chat bot, interactive Action Cards, and future connectivity to FactoryTalk VantagePoint, FactoryTalk Historian, or the FactoryTalk Cloud, FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices is a starting point, and a platform, for the Industrial Internet of Things.

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FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI™ embeds analysis and machine learning technology into the Logix control environment. Our patented modeling algorithm advances automation systems to the next level. The predictive analytics work toward toward minimized scrap losses, tighter quality control, and minimized unplanned downtime.

Configure FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI models through an intuitive PredictionBuilder setup that leverages existing knowledge of automation to integrate machine learning capabilities and predictive analytics. After defining where predictive insights are needed, train the LogixAI model to learn normal operation behavior, and then set the LogixAI model to monitor the actual operation. While monitoring, the model calculates predictive insights to help circumvent anomalous operational behaviors. The LogixAI model can also function as a soft sensor to help achieve tighter control in operations that are harder to instrument.

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FactoryTalk AssetCentre provides customers secured version control and archiving for their automation assets and documents. Integration audit and event logging provides granular details on changes within your automation system. FactoryTalk AssetCentre provides support for both Rockwell Automation and 3rd party assets makes FactoryTalk AssetCentre a centralized management solution. In addition, FactoryTalk AssetCentre can collect an asset list from your network and provides integrated life cycle management for those discovered Rockwell Automation assets. For customers with process devices, FactoryTalk AssetCentre allows for device configuration and calibration management.

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FactoryTalk Brew - Craft System provides a complete automation system for craft brewers.

FactoryTalk Craft Brew Solution is designed to meet craft brewers’ needs. Easily configurable brewhouse automation system includes Milling, Mash, Lauter, Kettle, Liquor System, Filtration, Maturation/Conditioning, Storage, and Fermentation. Provides access critical brewing process information from any location and can be adapted to changing production requirements.

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FactoryTalk® Historian Site Edition (SE) provides the data infrastructure for capturing the information you need to improve production operations. This is a scalable suite of software designed to meet your needs from a single machine to a plant wide data infrastructure.

The FactoryTalk Historian SE solution provides you with a complete system to collect and archive time series data, track event-based data, and apply analytical calculations to improve your decision-making ability. Use Historian SE as the foundation for providing real-time Production & Performance Monitoring, or as an integral part of an Enterprise wide Data Visibility & Plant Benchmarking initiative.

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FactoryTalk Network Manager is an easy to use intuitive tool designed for the non-IT experts. Increase visibility of the network in context of the automation assets. Simplify the troubleshooting process, helping to quickly identify network root causes. More easily deploy commission and maintain network managed switches.

Discovery of plant floor assets (inventory), providing an overall network topology via SNMP, CIP and PROFINET protocols. Real-time capture of Managed Switch Alarms and Events with Historical retention for analysis. Plug-n-Play of Managed Switches and ability to create and deploy configuration using templates.

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App for team collaboration in context with plant floor information.

FactoryTalk TeamONE is an app platform that delivers frictionless productivity for every industrial worker. The iOS and Android app is a platform and we’ve innovated to put the platform within the app itself, which reduces the friction to value to literally zero. FactoryTalk TeamONE can be downloaded, installed and used right away by anyone on company or personally owned devices. FactoryTalk TeamONE delivers the ability for your team to collaborate in context with automation device data and is tailored for industrial environments by way of not requiring any servers or even cloud/WiFi infrastructure initially, provides industrial specific features called modules, adjusts for varying levels of connectivity and opportunistically expands in value when your company chooses to connect their enterprise. FactoryTalk TeamONE can be downloaded for free from both the Apple and Google App Stores. FactoryTalk TeamOne Standard Edition is a per user email subscription enables additional modules and features. Current FactoryTalk TeamOne Standard provides all of that in the free edition plus an Alarm module.

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FactoryTalk Transaction Manager provides a platform to link day to day transactions from a control system with enterprise systems. FactoryTalk Transaction Manager supports simple one-way logging of data directly from the control system as well as a bi-directional system in which the plant floor is controlled by the rules, schedules, and/or the data in enterprise databases.

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager Standard must have all services on the same computer, but it can connect to remote databases and/or OPC servers (if that option is supported by the OPC vendor.) No database is included.

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FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) is supervisory-level HMI software for monitoring and controlling distributed-server, multiple user applications.

FactoryTalk View SE premier integration with Logix controllers, reusable graphics, system-wide alarm configuration and management, and mobility provide the tools to quickly develop applications, scale architectures and easily maintain systems. With FactoryTalk View SE, HMI challenges in process, batch, and discrete applications are managed in a single software solution that enables critical visibility in real-time, when and where you need it.

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FactoryTalk Batch allows you to apply one control and information system across your process to improve capacity and product quality, save energy and raw materials, and reduce process variations and human intervention. It enables you to develop modern batch control strategies by supporting flexible production capabilities and standardized company procedures while accelerating product and process development.

The net result – your equipment is better utilized, product quality is improved, the need for visibility and access to actionable data is better met, and your costs are reduced.

FactoryTalk Batch Server is the FactoryTalk Batch component that controls and coordinates system information, phases, and recipes. The FactoryTalk Batch Server allows integration with process-connected devices and third-party software packages.

FactoryTalk Batch View provides a modern and intuitive portal into a comprehensive batching solution for effective operations. FactoryTalk Batch View leverages its own webserver using HTML5 technology to provide native connectivity into a FactoryTalk Batch through standard web browser technologies.

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RASWin Risk Assessment Software subscriptions help manage progression through the safety lifecycle. This provides the ability to implement a standardized safety strategy and formally document the process.

RASWin Risk Assessment Software subscriptions progress through the functional safety lifecycle, organizing information from each step of the process from risk assessment through final machinery validation.

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Rockwell Automation e-learning - Self-paced, self-directed digital training courses when and where you need it. Learn about a variety of fundamental industrial automation and product specific topics. Each learning course contains activities, software simulations, and demonstration videos to help reinforce learning concepts.

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ScanESC provides you the capability of digitizing your entire lockout/tagout program, ensuring that all information available to employees is up to date and readily available to be used through an intuitive, user-friendly interface in mobile devices and at the web based portal. With ScanESC, you can access your LOTO procedures with any iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices; get access to your LOTO procedures and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) anywhere, anytime; access supporting documentation and policies for your machines and facilities; electronically audit procedures and employees; track LOTO usage and downtime and assign audits to individuals. As a subscription based software, for the first usage you will need to aquire an enterprise setup fee and choose how many procedures per site do you want to manage with the system (200, 1000 and unlimited options per site). You can also opt to include with the system one iPad, which will be fully configured with the ScanESC app and delivered ready to use with the customer application.

Site setup fee:

o  DESCRIPTION: We recommend adding this option for the cases where you desire a turn-key solution for ScanESC. This option includes the configuration of the customer hierarchy in the application, user provisioning and customer procedures loading. Please note that this option can be used only with one-year subscriptions, and should not be selected for multi-year contracts.


o  DESCRIPTION: Includes one IPad pre-configured with ScanESC app for the customer application. Please note that this option can be used only with one-year subscriptions, and should not be selected for multi-year contracts.

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Application Code Manager is an engineering tool that enables more efficient project development by leveraging highly reusable libraries. You can create your own libraries using Library Designer or used provided ones. Application Code Manager creates not only the Logix but also associated FactoryTalk ViewSE/ME displays, FactoryTalk Historian tags and FactoryTalk Alarm and Events (FTAE) content.

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The Studio 5000® environment combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework that enables optimized productivity and reduced commissioning time. With the Studio 5000 environment, you can respond more quickly to changing market and business needs, while reducing total costs of ownership, including maintenance and training. The Logix Designer activations provided by default activation version 20.05 and above. For older versions consider the RSLogix5000 Legacy Subscription or a Design Suite Toolkit.

The Studio 5000® Design Environment is a scalable application solution, used to program and configure any of the Logix5000™ family of controller products. Depending on the functionality required, one or more product catalog numbers might be needed to acquire the appropriate functionality. The Logix Designer activations provided by default activation version 20.05 and above. For older versions consider the RSLogix5000 Legacy Subscription or a Design Suite Toolkit.

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The Studio 5000 License Portal is a secure, easy to use web portal designed to manage content protection licenses. It is used is used to configure both Source and Execution protection within the Studio 5000 Design Environment. The Studio 5000 License Portal allows users to assign licenses, permissions, and provide convenient reporting services.

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ThinManager is a centralized device management and content delivery platform. With ThinManager, you can centrally manage devices like thin clients, mobile devices and PCs for the modern factory and office as well as define and deliver a number of flexible content sources to those managed devices.

ThinManager allows unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment or number of facilities. ThinManager's thin client architecture allows for deployment of less expensive hardware while giving users the applications and tools familiar to them in a format that reduces management and hardware costs while increasing security.

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