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FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI

The Connected Enterprise™®

Product Description

FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI

FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI® embeds analysis and machine learning technology into the Logix control environment. Our patented modeling algorithm advances automation systems to the next level. The predictive analytics work toward minimized scrap losses, tighter quality control, and minimized unplanned downtime.

Configure FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI® models through an intuitive PredictionBuilder setup that leverages existing knowledge of automation to integrate machine learning capabilities and predictive analytics. After defining where predictive insights are needed, train the LogixAI model to learn normal operation behavior, and then set the LogixAI model to monitor the actual operation. While monitoring, the model calculates predictive insights to help circumvent anomalous operational behaviors. The LogixAI model can also function as a soft sensor to help achieve tighter control in operations that are harder to instrument.

  • Includes support for Studio 5000
  • RSLogix
  • View Studio and includes access to Temporary Activations