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FactoryTalk Linx Gateway

The Connected Enterprise™®

Product Description

FactoryTalk Linx Gateway

The FactoryTalk Linx Gateway adds a Classic OPC DA and OPC UA server interface to deliver information collected by FactoryTalk Linx from Logix5000™ and other Allen-Bradley® controllers to external OPC clients, permitting third-party software to coexist with FactoryTalk® software
FactoryTalk Linx Gateway is an OPC UA / DA Server interface for FactoryTalk Linx. Scalable for both tag capacity and server architecture. FactoryTalk Linx Gateway enables 3rd party software to share data with FactoryTalk software.

  • Includes support for Studio 5000
  • RSLogix
  • View Studio and includes access to Temporary Activations