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FactoryTalk Linx Gateway and FactoryTalk Linx Data Bridge

The Connected Enterprise™®

Product Description

FactoryTalk Linx Gateway and FactoryTalk Linx Data Bridge

The FactoryTalk Linx Gateway adds a Classic OPC DA and OPC UA server interface to deliver information collected by FactoryTalk Linx from Logix5000™ and other Allen-Bradley® controllers to external OPC clients, permitting third-party software to coexist with FactoryTalk® software
FactoryTalk Linx Gateway is an OPC UA / DA Server interface for FactoryTalk Linx. Scalable for both tag capacity and server architecture. FactoryTalk Linx Gateway enables 3rd party software to share data with FactoryTalk software.
The FactoryTalk Linx Data Bridge provides a centrally managed service to move data between automation system source including controllers, OPC DA servers or OPC UA connected servers and hardware. The Data Bridge facilitates data concentration applications or can enable Logix controllers to indirectly interface with OPC UA connected equipment.

  • Includes support for Studio 5000
  • RSLogix
  • View Studio and includes access to Temporary Activations