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The Connected Enterprise™®

Product Description


SequenceManager™ provides batch sequencing in the Logix family of controllers by adding powerful capability closer to the process and opening new possibilities for skids, off network systems, and single unit control. SequenceManager allows you to configure operations in Studio 5000 Logix Designer®, run sequence in FactoryTalk® View SE, and to capture and display batch results. SequenceManager directs PhaseManager™ programs inside a Logix-based controller in an ordered sequence to implement process-oriented tasks for single unit or multiple independent unit operations. Using industry standard ISA-88 methodology, SequenceManager enables powerful and flexible sequencing capabilities that allow for the optimal control of sequential processes. SequenceManager integrates into Rockwell’s flagship batch management system, FactoryTalk Batch, to provide a truly scalable portfolio for batch applications. With SequenceManager, you can deliver fast and reliable sequence execution while reducing infrastructure costs for standalone units and complete skid-based system functionality.

SequenceManager Event Client transfers the event data generated by execution of sequences from the Logix controller to a historical database for reporting and analytics.

  • Includes support for Studio 5000
  • RSLogix
  • View Studio and includes access to Temporary Activations